I Can Hear The Morning Sun

by Frontier, Pioneer

"I can hear the morning sun..." is a concept album about the different phases of the day and struggling to make each phase worth something. It was originally meant to be an all-acoustic EP, but each song slowly evolved during the writing process to include more complex arrangements. I used this album as an opportunity to try out mixing/writing techniques and instruments I wasn’t very familiar with, but I'm extremely happy with what came out of it. Hopefully you enjoy the result as much as I do.

Released July 3, 2014 

Guitar, Bass, Keys, and Drum Programming by Bryan Becker 
Trumpet on "Meridian" performed by Spencer Riedel 
Flute on "Meridian" provided by Erin Kane 

Recorded, Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Bryan Becker 
Artwork by Bryan Becker 
© Copyright 2014 Bryan Becker